Virtual care and telehealth are no longer seen as merely an innovative method of delivering healthcare; technology is now indispensable to providing the right kind of care at the right time.

How Do Virtual Care and Telehealth Work?

With a virtual care communication platform, your practice can "do more with less" by conducting more frequent touchpoints with your patients.

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Virtual Visits

The telehealth app allows clinicians to check-in with patients for video-based virtual visits.



Secure Messaging

The secure messaging functionality helps patients share ePHI such as wound care pictures.

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Condition Management

Your practice can
use the virtual care communication platform to send patients condition-specific
emails and texts.



You can easily create and automatically distribute questionnaires and periodic surveys to assess your patients’ progress.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

The RPM functionality allows your to obtain patient data and updates. helping you better monitor and manage your patient

How does Virtual Care and Telehealth Impact Patient Care?

Your patients and your colleagues all benefit from using Synzi's HIPAA-compliant virtual care communication platform and telehealth apps.  With Synzi, you can provide your patients with convenient access to care can improve adherence, reduce the risk of rehospitalizations, and enhance satisfaction and outcomes for all.